Print publications:

Dear Saint Derek, Amanda Wilkinson Gallery
Agatha’s Revenge, Montez Press, Interjection Calender, April
Bitter Sweet Publication, Order here
HOAX Publication, Issue 7, Order here
Cool Dad: The Best Dad, Sticky Fingers Publishing, FDBNHLLLTTFPARODY, 2023

Digital and audio publications:

40 Bones: Letters from Dungeness to Chicago, with D Mortimer, Montez Press Radio, 2024
Daughters of God (In Love), Residency 11:11, 2023
Iranian Folktales, Myths and Monsters: Montez Press Radio, 2022
Chest of a Beast, short story, audio narration, 2021
Soosk, short story, audio narration, 2021

Writing Workshops:

Queer Youth Art Collective, 2022
Queer Performance MA at Rose Bruford College, 2023
New Bridge Project, 2024

Writing bio:
Kasra Jalilipour is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, writer and educator based in the UK.
Their creative writing practice is concerned with speculation and re-imagining of histories through a queer lens, with a particular interest in the erotic. Their writing has appeared in publications such as Montez Press, Sticky Fingers Publishing, BitterSweet Review, gal-dem, Huffpost and more.