Apocrypha of The Later Saints

Writer, Director & Designer: Kasra Jalilipour
Performers: Orange Ibreck & Dæmon Clelland
Dramaturge: Kane Stonestreet
Sound Designer: Coral Rose Kindred-Boothby
Outside Eyes: Nando Messias , Reed Rushes
Photo Credit: Lizzie Coombes

Commissioned and premiered at CLAY: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, March 2024

”In 251.AD Saint Agatha was Martyred, prior to her death her breasts were removed by Roman prosecutors. Fifty years after her death, she appears to Saint Luca, a transgender saint who had gouged his own eyes out in protest to his treatment, promising him glory. Many years before the two, Saint Apollo's teeth were forcibly removed before they willingly jumped into a fire.

A homoerotic ritual performance interrogating bodily autonomy and gender affirmation under ruthless persecution. Recounting the stories of three virgin martyrs in order to spotlight the complexity of the contemporary trans experience.

Could we come to a shared material transcendence by considering our historical obsessions with real and fictional stories of torture and tyranny?”